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  • Aparajitha Dhoopa choornam


    Aparajitha Dhoopa Choornam can be used as a potential agent for sterilization and as a fumigation powder for creating an aseptic condition in critical areas. The fumigation prevents the spread of infectious fever and also disinfects the air from pathogenswhich cause respiratory diseases. An excellent mosquito repellent.

    Beneficial to fight against microbial contamination and also reduces fungal growth. Is found effective against Candida albicans. It can remove pathogens causing community and nosocomial infections. It is also effective in removing food contaminating fungi. The effect of the fumigation remains for 24 hours as per research.

    Has no side effects and it can be used safely for disinfection at homes, offices, schools, hospitals, gyms & food godowns.

    Usage :- 5g.powder is put on hot charcoal/ ignited coconut shell to release smoke steadily and gradually. You can use electric Dhoopan pot also. The fumes give a beautiful aroma and spread in the air, with antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antipyretic properties so that entire atmosphere is purified.


    WEIGHT 50 gm

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  • Kajah Mukhalepam


    Herbal Face Pack

    • A powerful anti-wrinkle preparation for lightening the skin and making the skin youthful, Deep cleanse pores,
    • Improving cell respiration and renewal, improves complexion, removes acne marks, black heads and blemishes

    Weight : 50 gm

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  • INDUKANTHAM SYRUP (Health Tonic) (200ml)


    An Ideal Health Tonic In Convalescence

    • Strengthens anti- infective response Immuno-modulator
    • Rich in natural antioxidants and excellent immune stimulants Provides restorative and balancing effects on body functioning,
    • Acts as a useful support in weakness and convalescence.
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  • Ayurglow- Ayurvedic antiseptic

    • Soothes and cures sunburns, Heat rash and burns.
    • Effective cure of nappy rash
    • Excellent in cases of Seborrhoeic infections, cracks and sores.
    • This Antiseptic, Antibacterial cream clears skin off impurities and micro organisms without disturbing the natural pH of the skin.

    Weight : 25 gm

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  • Shadolite – Under Eye Cream

    • Revitalises and fades off wrinkles from the skin around the eyes.
    • Shadolite lightens the blemish and de pigments the dark area around the eyes.
    • This vitaminized skin nourisher is rich in vitamins essential oils for eyes & skin
    • Balances moisture level leaving the skin smooth & supple.
    • Regular use of shadolite Calms eye stress.
    • Also takes away the stress and wariness from your face and imparts fresh and radiant look.

    Weight : 25 gm

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  • Yuva-Anti ageing Cream


    Yuva Anti ageing cream Ingredients

      • Pterocarpus santalinus
      • rubia cordifolia
      • symplocos cochichinensis
      • callicarpa macrophylla
      • lens culinaris
      • ficus benghalensis
      • olive oil
      • almond oil added with cocoa butter
      • processed cows milk and herbal oils coconut oil
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  • Kajah Tea Golden


    Kajah tea is one of the top tea brand in India made with care and quality for best taste with natural colour and flavour.

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  • FRP Planter Deuce Model


    RG Fibrotech, is the house of Quality Accessories for your home and office, brings you FRP flower pots, these classy and standard pots is a must-have addition for your beautiful gardens and elegant interiors. The fibreglass pots are made from quality materials by experienced hands. You could add any medium for your plants, like soil, rock or pebbles. And the pots will add beauty to the same. 
 In comparison to conventional clay or concrete pots, these glass fibre planters are surprisingly lightweight and are resistant to weathering over time.

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  • Rajah Green Fields Coco Peat Block | High Expansion | 4.8-5.2 kg (Treated)

    • Low EC. Best performing coco-peat in the market
    • 100% organic and peat free. Free from soil pathogens, stones and other impurities
    • High expansion capacity. Just add water. Ready to use
    • Super easy growth
    • Biodegradable and Nature-friendly
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  • Nidra Herbal Oil (sleep)


    Oil for a better sleep

    • Relieves Stress and Fatigue.
    • Nidra has a soothing, demulcent effect on the CNS.
    • Remedy for sleeplessness.
    • Gives a cooling feel to your tired eyes.

    Size : 50 ml

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  • Kajah Balm White


    Kajah balm white

    • for Effective Quick Relief from Head Ache, Body Ache, Sprains,Muscular Pain
    • Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm
    • Recommend for Ladies and Children above 10 years
    • Quick Relief from Cold
    • User Friendly

    Size : 10 gm

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