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Glolip – Lip Balm


  • Formula for smooth, red, glossy lips
  • Relieve chapped/dry lips, flaky lips, cold sores while
  • Prevents drying and cracking of the lips
  • Regular use of the cream guarantees smooth, red, glossy lips
  • Nourishes tones and softens the lips

Weight : 10 gm

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Treat your lips with ultra-nourishing lip care formula that combines a rich blend of herbs and oils. Beeswax forms a nutrient-rich base that helps seal in moisture, pure herbal Oils repair dryness. A luxurious blend of emollients like Coconut Oil, Almond Oil deeply hydrate your lips and protect your lips from further damage.


  • Lodhra-Symplocos race mosa
  • Beauty bery
  • Coccus Iacca
  • Olive oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Vitamin oil
  • Pepper mint
  • Goats Milk processed with coconut oil


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