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  • Stainless Steel Filter


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    • The Gravitational Purification is suitable for areas with a shortage of drinking water
    • Can replace RO (reverse osmosis) systems in areas with TDS below 500
    • 304-grade stainless steel for maximum durability and quality
    • Runs without electricity
    • The Nano-filtration technology helps remove not only chlorine but also heavy metals and leads
    • Removes dust, bacteria and cyst
    • Cost-effective and portable
    • Easily replaceable candles without the support of a technician
    • Sizes – 8 and 12 Litres (Bottom Compartment)


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  • FRP Planter Deuce Model


    RG Fibrotech, is the house of Quality Accessories for your home and office, brings you FRP flower pots, these classy and standard pots is a must-have addition for your beautiful gardens and elegant interiors. The fibreglass pots are made from quality materials by experienced hands. You could add any medium for your plants, like soil, rock or pebbles. And the pots will add beauty to the same. 
 In comparison to conventional clay or concrete pots, these glass fibre planters are surprisingly lightweight and are resistant to weathering over time.

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  • Rajah Green Fields Coco Peat Block | High Expansion | 4.8-5.2 kg (Treated)

    • Low EC. Best performing coco-peat in the market
    • 100% organic and peat free. Free from soil pathogens, stones and other impurities
    • High expansion capacity. Just add water. Ready to use
    • Super easy growth
    • Biodegradable and Nature-friendly
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  • Replacement Carbon Filter X2


    Replacement filters for your stainless steel filter

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